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Hans van Manen Foundation

Hans van Manen Foundation

Since 1955, Hans van Manen, who was awarded the Erasmus Prize in 2000, created more than 120 ballets that are threatened to get lost for future generations. A large part of the costumes and settings, of designers like Keso Dekker and Jean-Paul Vroom, can be recovered with the aid of the Nederlands Dans Theater , the Dutch National Ballet and Introdans. For older ballets, a research will have to be done to recover and reconstruct them from foreign companies or through archives.

The HANS VAN MANEN FOUNDATION started its work. The foundation will make an inventory of the cultural heritage of choreographer Hans van Manen and categorize it in a production archive.

Conversations have been carried on with the Nederlands Dans Theater , the Dutch National Ballet and Introdans and by handing over their production archive with costumes and settings to the foundation. Without these data, a reconstruction of a ballet is impossible. By preserving Hans van Manen's cultural heritage in the form of a production archive, future generations will be able to reconstruct ballets and the important work of Hans van Manen will not get lost.

The board is formed by:

  • Henk van Dijk, video master and member of the artistic staff of the Dutch National Ballet (chairman);
  • Han Ebbelaar, former dancer and co-founder of Stichting Dansersfonds '79 (vice-chairman);
  • Roel Voorintholt, former dancer, artistic director Introdans (secretary/treasurer);
  • Mea Venema, former dancer, assistant of Hans van Manen and repetiteur of his works;
  • Rachel Beaujean, former dancer, head artistic staff of the Dutch National Ballet, repetiteur of works from Hans van Manen.

Evert Burggrave is executive producer. A website will be created as a result of which the public will be able to access the work of the foundation. Furthermore, all the visual material of Hans van Manen's ballets will form part of the archive. In the year 2000, Hans van Manen was awarded the Erasmus Prize, and this prize made it possible to digitise the video archive.

The Theater Instituut Nederland will support the foundation, giving advice on the preservation and registration; the foundation will place pieces at the institute's disposal for future exhibitions.

The foundation has received an initial subsidy of the Fonds Bijzondere Uitkeringen van de Stichting Algemene Loterij Nederland , Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, VandenEnde Foundation and VSBfund.