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Hans van Manen receives Honorary Medal from the House of Orange

21 February 2018

By the Royal Decree of 24 January 2018, his Majesty the King has awarded the Honorary Medal for Art and Science of the House of Orange to choreographer Hans van Manen. This honorary medal is awarded to persons of exceptional merit in the fields of art and science. The decorations were presented on Monday afternoon, February 19, 2018.
Hans van Manen received the award because of his enormous contribution to the arts in the Netherlands and to the ballet in particular.
Van Manen created more than 125 ballets during his career, which are performed internationally by more than 50 companies. He is currently a regular choreographer for the Dutch national ballet: Het Nationale Ballet.
Van Manen has received various national and international awards in recognition of his important contribution to dance. In the Netherlands he was appointed Commander in the Order of the Dutch Lion and he received the Erasmus Prize. In France last year, Van Manen was made Commandeur des Arts et des Lettres, the highest French award for performing arts.
News item from www.koninklijkhuis.nl, RVD 19/02/2018

Hans van Manen is awarded the VSCD Oeuvre award

7 October 2017


Hans van Manen appointed as Commandeur des Arts et Lettres

4 July 2017



Hans van Manen was appointed by the French Ministry of Culture as Commander of Arts et Lettres. Hans van Manen thereby receives the highest possible state distinction in the field of art and literature in France. The award is awarded to persons who have distinguished themselves by their artistic creativity and contributed to the influence of art in France or worldwide.

Hans van Manen is awarded the award at the Montpellier Dancing Festival on 4 July 2017 where The Dutch National Ballet performs work by Van Manen. Brigitte Lefèvre, director of the Festival de Cannes de Cannes and former director of the Paris Opera ballet, awarded the award to Van Manen, including in the presence of Minister Jet Bussemaker of Education, Culture and Science.

Grand Prix a la Carriere for Hans van Manen

31 July 2016

Hans van Manen was awarded the Prix à la Carrière. This Prize is given out to nominees by the jury which is made up of some of the world’s most famous dance critics and specialists, all of whom contributors to BALLET2000.

The Prix à la Carrière (Lifetime Achievement Prize) goes to a celebrity who has had an extraordinarily significant career. At the occasion of the 'Grand Prix à la Carrière' in Cannes on 31 July 2016 it was given to Hans van Manen, whose vast and varied oeuvre, rigorous and open at the same time, has had a deep influence on European modern ballet during recent decades.